We all want to get away - sometimes far, far away. Finding our dream vacation homes in Italy, Portugal or Kenya sounds incredible, but leaving home to relax isn’t the only option. The United States has plenty of beautiful, coastal cities and those with hidden treasures and beautiful getaways. If you are looking for a vacation home stateside, check out these beautiful cities before going overseas.

Ever a popular vacation destination, South Carolina is a great place to go when you need a break. In particular, Cherry Grove Beach is a city in which to purchase a vacation home, especially those that require peace. As a great alternative to the more luxe Myrtle Beach, visitors will skip the crowds and none of the Southern charm. Golf, fishing, and relaxing on the beach are favorite activities.

If Florida is on your list with your vacation rental agents to purchase property, you must look into the lucrative Panama City Beach. With over 25 miles of beautiful beaches, Panama City Beach has plenty to offer - although it is busiest in the spring when every American college student stops by. Especially when you plan to rent out a vacation property, this is a big plus. All year round, visitors will find fresh local seafood, local history, and legendary attractions.

Other Floridian cities include Marco Island (an actual island for ideal privacy) or Kissimmee, which is a trendy spot for vacation homes and rentals. If you do plan on renting out your vacation, you will see plenty of foot traffic in this area.

Small towns are the way to go for many purchasing a vacation home, and what is cozier than Big Bear Lake? Located in the San Bernardino region of California, the area boasts incredible views from Lake Arrowhead and plenty of smalltown charm. With temperatures cooler than other popular California destinations, it sees nearly one hundred thousand visitors on holiday weekends.


For something a little different, Ocean City in Maryland may be what you are looking for in a new vacation property. Boasting of both oceanside and bayside properties, Ocean City has something for every budget. For many people in the Northeast, such as those in New York or Pennsylvania, see Ocean City has an attractive and popular vacation destination. After the recent hurricane, vacation properties are more affordable than they once were.

Depending on how you want to use your vacation property, choose its location carefully. Go the accessible route or something off the beaten path, but make sure it works for you. A vacation is less than it should be unless it is free from stress.